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Dosing pumps

Anala manufactures high pressure positive displacement reciprocating plunger and hydraulic diaphragm pumps to deliver controlled volume of liquid against a positive differential pressure between pump suction and discharge. The dosing pump is otherwise called as LP dosing pump, HP dosing pump for boiler application.

The plunger dosing pumps consists of precision machined plungers and are designed to perform with precision and reliability with repetitive accuracy of + 3% and steady accuracy of + 1%.

Working principles :

The Acid metering pump / Chemical dosing pump consists of a reduction gear box and worm wheel which transmits the rotary motion of the motor to the pump drive shaft and then converted it into reciprocating motion by eccentric connecting rod.

The stroke length can be varied by changing the eccentric connecting rod and the crank shaft by means of a controlled stroke knob. When the stroke length of the pump is changed, the flow gets changed. The change in the stroke length of the pump can be read in terms of percentage of full stroke on the scale provided for the purpose.

The diaphragm metering pump consists of 3 parts.

1. Drive end

2. Hydraulic unit end and the

3. Liquid end (pump end)

The drive end has the same mechanism as provided in the plunger pump.

The pumping end is fitted to the stroke length control mechanism.

The precision machined plunger reciprocates within the cylinder at a predetermined stroke length displaces the volume of hydraulic liquid and not the product liquid. The hydraulic liquid within the hydraulic unit has an excellent lubricating property. The plunger uses the hydraulic oil to move the diaphragm forward and backward . This vaccum is created on the pump head and the product liquid is displaced through the diaphragm check-valve and at the same time on the suction stroke takes-in equal amount of expelled liquid to the suction check valve thereby and pumps action takes place.

Diaphragm quality is manufactured in such a way it acts as a perfect seal between the hydraulic oil and liquid pumped. So the pump is safe for pumping toxic liquid, corrosive and hazardous liquid. If the pump is installed properly, diaphragm has very long life.

The salient features of our models :

The performance in accordance with API 675.

All our pumps are leak less.

Our pumps have low maintenance and high accuracy.

The pump is fitted with inbuilt seal feature.

The pumps can be used for pumping corrosive, aggressive and hazardous chemicals.


    S.J.Industries offers high capacity plunger/hydraulic operated pumps. These are high precision positive displacement pumps, equivalent to API 675. These are sturdy dosing pumps with high accuracy of pumping.

    Capacity : 0 to 10 lph... 10000 lph

    Pressure : Max. 10 kg/cm2

    MOC : PP/ PTFE/SS 316

    Special features : Can handle highly corrosive liquids.

    Application: HCL 33% / H2So4 98% / Ferric chloride / All corrosive chemicals / Perfumes, etc.


    These are compact vertical mounted pumps and can generate pressure upto 10 kg/cm2.

    Performance : 0 – 1000 lph

    Pressure : 10 kg/cm2

    Special features : It can be used to pump lime. Simple in design.

    Range (LPH) : 0 to 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 1000.

    Application : Lime, Dolomite, Light Chemicals, Polymer, etc.


    These are compact vertical mounted pumps and can generate pressure upto 10 kg/cm2.

    Performance : 0 - 200 lph

    Pressure : 5 kg/cm2

    Ranges (LPH) : 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150 and 200.

    Application : It can be used to pump corrosive liquids.

    Ranges (LPH) : 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150 and 200.

    MOC offered : PP/SS 304/SS 316/Teflon.


    HCL 33%

    H2So4 98%

    Ferric chloride

    All corrosive chemicals