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    ANALA manufactures Custom built dosing systems as per customers requirement. They consist of Agitators, PLCs, Automation, SS316/SS304/FRP/ Rubber lined tanks of various capacities and can be given as a complete package.

    We have very good experience in designing these dosing skid, and regularly supply them to prominent customers such as ,BHEL,IOCL,BGR Energy System and other water treatment customers, and chiller manufacturers.

    These are model which can sence Ph. and do accurate dosing and are suitable for continuous duty application very particularly used in swimming pool application.

    There are also special model used for Boiler Hp dosing System/LP dosing system.

    Small capacity systems are used in chiller application are also available with us.

    We can provide the following dosing system

    1. Lime


    3. Boiler

    4. Hypo Chloride

    5. Acid

    Scale Inhibitor/ Sterlization and algea removal of circulating water system.

    As soon as we receive an order from the customer, we prepared a detailed drawing in respect to the system and submit, to the customer for any changes or acceptance along with Bill of material. If the customer certifies the drawing is okay, manufacturing process starts.

    We have the capacity to build 2 dosing systems per month and our delivery schedule is approximately 4 to 5 weeks after customer acceptance.

    We can offer you dosing tanks fitted with agitators and dosing pumps as per customers' design and requirement. The MOC of the tanks shall be SS304, SS316, SS316L, MS, MS Rubber Lined, etc.

    Tank Capacity: 100, 200, 1000, 2000 upto 10,000 ltrs.

    Dosing systems can be fitted with full automation and PLC controlled.