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    ANALA Mixer Industrial Agitators manufacture in Chennai, India.

    Chemical Agitator is a rotating mechanism which mixes chemicals without damaging the property of the chemicals.

    We manufacture mixers/agitators under the brand name ANALA and our expertise in the field of agitators/mixers technology irrespective of size is well accepted. They are also very competitive and it is their first reliable choice in agitators/mixers

    ANALA manufactures various types of vertical agitators and also portable agitators which consists of small efficient standardized industrial agitators mostly suitable for continuous / intermittent duty applications.

    Anala offers the right agitators for the right application. Hence we are one of the extremely successful Company in the field of agitator marketing.

    An Agitator is powered by its impeller/propeller, which imparts force on the mixing liquid.

    Significant research and design has been made in this technology, specifically in the agitator design, and power consumed.

    We manufacture the best energy efficient design.